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Frank Scanlon Biography
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dl56frank Frank successfully beat his addiction to DL56, but not before losing his job as a paramedic. When Joe refused to lie for Frank at his disciplinary hearing, Frank saw this as betrayal on Joe's part. Frank then teamed up with Courtney to break up Joe and Karen's romance. Frank and Courtney succeeded in breaking up Joe and Karen temporarily, but their dirty scheme was exposed in the end. 

Frank and Courtney started to grow closer and develop genuine feelings for each other. Frank wanted to come forward and announce that he was Neil's father, but Courtney wanted to keep that fact a secret. In the end, Joe learned the truth and was furious at Frank, Courtney and even Karen for keeping him in the dark for so long. 
frankcourtbio Frank and Courtney connected on a deeper level when Neil became seriously ill. Joe took matters into his own hands and gave Neil an unauthorized bone marrow transplant without Frank or Courtney's consent. Neil eventually made a full recovery and Frank was able to forgive Joe for his renegade behavior. At this same time, Frank was also reinstated as a paramedic when it appeared as though he had saved Neil's life when he had an allergic reaction to a peanut butter sandwich. In reality, Joe had saved Neil, but he and Frank agreed they couldn't reveal this fact since Joe was still on probation. 

Frank was determined to make a family with Neil and Courtney and they moved in together. Needing some quick cash, Frank started gambling and was soon in debt. While "borrowing" money from the safe at the Recovery Room, Frank was shot! As it turned out, Frank hadn't been the intended target and he made a full recovery. Courtney, however, became increasingly alarmed by the dangerous situations Frank always seemed to find himself in.

Frank's life took an unexpected turn when Julie came forward and announced that she was Christina's mother. Frank then realized that Julie had been telling the truth about being pregnant while in Ferncliff and that he was Christina's father! Frank was happy with the love and care Scott and Lucy provided Christina and didn't want to disrupt the young child's life. Frank vowed that Julie would never get her hands on Christina but didn't plan on contesting Scott's adoption. Frank spent one day in the park with Christina to say goodbye to his daughter. Suddenly, Frank was struck from behind and knocked unconscious by Julie, who kidnapped Christina and fled to parts unknown. Frank and Courtney continued their relationship, but it was often strained due to Courtney's constant scheming. Frank and Joe were furious when Courtney told Mary that Joe had been exposed to HIV. After that fiasco, Frank was further disgusted by Courtney's actions when she tried to have Jamal arrested in order to claim the reward money.

The final straw, however, came when Courtney told a reporter that a member of the hospital staff had been exposed to HIV. After walking into a trap set by Frank and Victor, Courtney was videotaped badmouthing everyone in town. Things then went from bad to worse when Neil accidentally played the tape at the Phantom Ball. After that debacle, Frank washed his hands of Courtney who packed her bags and headed off to work abroad.

frankkarenbio Frank is raising Neil as a single father and rented the apartment behind the Recovery Room to Jamal. With his life back on track, Frank found himself attracted to Karen, who began to return those feelings. Frank recently purchased an old computer at a charity auction as a gift for Karen.


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